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Design Background

This page provides some insight in design techniques used to achieve the described results.

Software Tools

Matlab is an ideal tool for quickly modeling any process. Its high-level matrix oriented language is perfect for any complicated modeling task. The toolboxes that come with Matlab are unmatched where it comes to versality and practical use. Also, Matlabs graphing engine is easy to use and produces professional figures for use in reports.

A drawback of Matlab is its speed; since Matlab programs are emulated, and not compiled, speed is significantly lower than directly compiled programs, like ones written in C++ or Pascal.

Delphi (Object Pascal)
Over the years, SimDesign has built up a large collection of Object Pascal tools that can be used to solve mathematical- and optimization problems. This has started back in the Turbo Pascal years, and has progressed to Windows 32bit systems, using Delphi.

Delphi is an ideal tool. Its compiler produces highly optimised, 32-bit code directly, omitting the need for any auxiliary DLL or interpreters that slow down the processing. The result is clean, fast code which is often very welcome in complicated problem-solving applications. The Delphi IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is praised by many as being one of the most versatile and easy to use environments.

The clear language structure of Object Pascal keeps code readable and porting libraries from other tools to Delphi is relatively easy. Much legacy Fortran code was ported to Delphi, since Fortran was the main language for research and scientific code during the 70's and 80's.


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