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Added: 28Sep2002

With this smart little utility you can view the binary contents of any file.

  • Drag & drop any file into the window and immediately view its contents

  • Show the contents in hexadecimal or decimal notation

  • Choose how many bytes per line will be shown

  • Each line contains a file position pointer, binary data and the ASCII (readable) representation of the binary data. It helps to quickly find positions or structures in the file.

You can use BinView to analyse unknown file formats, like database structures, application data files, executables, etcetera.

System requirements

  • Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2K/XP


You can download an evaluation copy here. The evaluation copy is completely functional, however it contains a nagscreen now and then.

This is a complete installer/uninstaller, download size is 465Kb.


Menu Commands

File > Open... Open a file through a file select dialog. Note that it is often easier to drag a file to the binview utility and drop it there. It will then be automatically opened.

Options > Font

Specify a font for display (default is the small "Terminal" font at 6pts).

Options > Line Length Specify a different number of bytes per line. Default value is 16 bytes per line.

Options > Hex Notation Choose hexadecimal notation for the file pointers and content data (default).

Options > Decimal Notation Choose decimal notation for the file pointers and content data.

Help > Visit Webpage Visit this page!


Registration of BinView costs $7.95 and helps support this website. Downloads cost money! Please register if you are a regular user of BinView.

With your registration you will get:

  • A download link where you can download a "no nags" version.

  • Full Delphi source-code to this utility, optional through download.

You may register your copy online by clicking here.

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