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What is new in DtpDocuments
Updated: 15Feb2010

This page lists the most prominent version changes and additions, for a complete list please refer to "versions.txt" in the distribution.

Version 2.81
Added: 14Feb2010

  • Made compatible with Delphi 2010, with unicode "string" as default.

  • Added font embedding as an option: ensure that the viewers of a document see the exact same font as the author intended.

  • Added multi-line memo drawn as polygon text.

  • Effects now work with undo/redo too.

Version 2.47
Added: 23Nov2005

  • Faster and enhanced rendering and rotation.

  • Added "sepia" effect.

  • Added polygon masks.

  • Export to bitmaps, with or without transparent background.

  • Device-independent text rendering

Version 2.30
Added: 29Nov2004

  • Added Rulers

  • Added Auto-Level adjustment for images, and Histogram.

  • Added better resource management and storage directly into archive file.

  • Automatic install onto component palette

  • Integration with newest version of Graphics32 (version 1.6).

  • Customized handle-drawing is now possible. A new handle-drawing method mimicks the MS Word2003™ handles.

Version 2.19
Added: 23Sep2004

  • New shapes TdtpCurvedText, TdtpWavyText and TdtpProjectiveText:

  • Support for unicode: all text shapes can now render widestring texts:

  • Texture effect: replace any primary color by a texture:

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