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Some of these links are related, some are not. Feel free to follow them.


ABC-View Manager
This is a great file management tool to use next to Explorer. It allows to view files across subdirectories, thus allowing much more filtering and sorting freedom as Explorer would. It works very well with HUGE file lists.

Delphi Object Pascal programming language

Sources of Numerical Analysis Code in Pascal
This is a great resource for Delphi/Pascal source components, and the site also publishes a comprehensive list of scientific and industrial applications written with Delphi. The site editor is Mark Vaughan.

Dutch Delphi user's group. Find answers and pose questions in the Dutch language.

Nice collection of Delphi tips

Joel on Software
A site about software development and a lot of funny but usually true stories by Joel Spolsky about that process. Although he seems to be a C++ developer, these stories also apply to Delphi. Joel if you see this link you're link-checking too often!

Aware Systems
Aware Systems is a Belgium company that specializes in imaging software just like SimDesign. Joris van Damme (co-founder) is always able to provide a lot of very well thought-out background information on many image processing tasks.


Mainax Virtual Engineering
The people from Mainax are specialized consultants for "hardware in the loop" and virtual engineering simulation projects. Apart from being professional, these are also very kind people and pleasant to work with.

Mainax is currently developing a Formula 1 driving simulator with a full six degrees-of-freedom state of the art electrically driven motion base, full force feedback steering wheel, and using the popular software package "Racer" for the visuals and motion simulation which provides superb performance at high bandwidths. "Way cool!"


Stjernholm Garden Grill
Perfect grill for in the garden, rugged Danish design. Available in Germany and The Netherlands.



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